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Natural Cat Pain Treatment Options

This all natural cat pain remedy is easy to administer and provides immediate relief. There are other helpful tips to reduce cat pain caused by feline arthritis.

Embracing Natural Cat Pain Treatments

A healthy cat is a happy cat. But even with his rumored nine lives, he obviously Natural Cat Pain Remedycannot escape the looming threat of old age. And with old age comes possible illnesses due to the weakening of the body. One possible sickness a cat can be susceptible to is joint inflammation (or in other words, feline arthritis.) Arthritis makes humans miserable – so imagine a cat having to go through that stage as well – hence the need for natural cat pain treatment.

Mild or not, cat pain is now being commonly associated with arthritis or osteoarthritis – a condition that breaks down worn-down cartilage and in doing so, allows the bones to rub against one another bringing your feline a pain so bad that he feels his body about to break.

If you feel that your pet deserves something to soothe the pain away, here are five tried and tested natural cat pain treatment options for him to enjoy:

Heat therapy. Cold weather has a bad effect on the joints – both on humans and cats suffering from the disease. Try to keep your cat warm and cozy by turning up the heater. If you have a heating pad set it on control one or low and let your cat purr his sleep away. Or if you can spend a little dough,  buy a therapeutic thermal cat bed complete with warmer and massage controls.

Change of diet. In today’s modern world, even arthritic cats now have specially formulated diets complete with fatty acids and ALA which helps lessen inflammation. Also, the bigger and fatter the feline, the higher the tendency for him to have arthritis. The pressure exerted by the cat’s weight on affected joints should be reduced.

Feline acupuncture. Acupuncture relieves and reduces inflammation and pain – that works for both people and cats. Yes, strange as it may sound, most cats allow needles to be stuck in them and this is considered a natural cat pain treatment method. Some vets are actually qualified to do acupuncture on your pets – and since they are used to having animals around them, the felines actually tend to relax more. And the best part – a veterinary acupuncturist does house calls, so cats really don’t feel threatened.

Natural, nutritional supplements. Glucosamine, arthro ionx, and chondroitin also help to repair worn out and damaged tendons. Herbs and medicinal plants such as Devil’s Claw and Spirulina also help in relieving painful arthritic episodes.

Exercise. Unfortunately, for your furry friend, exercising is one activity you simply cannot eliminate. An inactive body and limbs only do more damage as the cartilage and joints stiffen when your cat doesn’t move. Take your cat for a stroll or, if he really can’t do so, let him play with his ball of string. Don’t let him be dormant for so long.

All Natural Cat Pain Remedy

Natural Cat Pain Relief PromaxolNatural Treatment for Treating Arthritis Pain in Cats



I use an all natural cat pain remedy to give immediate relief to my senior cats.  You can mix it in wet food, but I prefer to administer a bit directly into the cat’s mouth.  It’s odorless and tasteless so they don’t fuss with me.  In fact, now they know it helps them feel better.

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