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Cat Arthritis Remedy

Cats are just like us in the sense that the older they get the more likely theyArthritis Cats Treatment Arthro Ionx Natural Remedy are to develop feline arthritis. It is painful to watch our older cats get lame and less active due to the pain of cat arthritis. Cat arthritis remedy can take several forms. Some can be from the vet and some can include supplements and home remedies. Imagine being able to help our cats reduce the pain and become more active lives.

I will get straight to the point on cat arthritis remedy and list some things we can do to help out our feline friends.

Here’s something that will make your cat more comfortable. I am sure you already know that cat arthritis can be very painful.


Use elevated steps to make your pets steps easier

  • Use elevated cat bowls for water and feed
  • Keep your cat in a warm and dry environment
  • Use a heated bed and keep the bed low to the floor
  • Monitor your cat’s weight in order to keep your cat from becoming overweight
  • Maintain a good exercise routine for your cat


Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs also called NSAID’S. These are non-narcotic pain relievers. Common NSAID’s used are Rimadyl, Etogesic, Meloxicam, Phenybultazone, Ketoprofen,and Piroxicam. Be careful with NSAID’S because there can be harsh side effects to your pet from using these medications. Your vet will want to closely monitor your cat if they are on these medications.

Because there can be serious side effects of your cat taking these medication consider other options.


Besides pain, inflammation of our cat’s joints is an issue we can deal with Omega 3 fatty acids found in items like wild salmon and fish help reduce inflammation in our cat’s joints. Therefore, increase your cat’s intake of these beneficial fatty acids.


Home remedies have some great benefits over canine arthritis medication.

Saves money on vet bills Reduces the chance of harmful side effects Most are readily available in your home already Well tolerated by our four legged friends Can also be used in conjunction with other forms of treatment Are especially useful in mild cases of illnesses and ailments

For other great information on pet illnesses and home remedies read on through the last paragraph and click on the links. Great secrets await that will help with caring for your pets and saving mega bucks on vet bills.

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